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- 1996 Readers Poll Awards, Ottawa X Press, April 11/96

"I've had the pleasure of working with Malaika on several occasions and each time I've felt honoured to share the bill with them. Malaika's music and especially their harmonies are rich, inventive and inspirational. I would be happy to recommend them to anybody who is interested in good music."

- Stephen Fearing, performer, Guelph

"When I first heard Malaika sing, I was moved to document their strength in voice. I could tell immediately that they were women worth listening to, musically and otherwise. Malaika are strong, beautiful women with a rare gift to move audiences to tears as their cheeks ache with laughter."

- Tracy Bacenas, film maker, Affinity Productions, Ottawa

"What a delightful blend of sophisticated musicality, wonderful and distinct vocal qualities, and quirky, sincere stage presence and delivery this group has! The repertoire was surprisingly fresh, with a balanced blend of original and traditional a capella and world beat musics. These four women were enthusiastic and committed to their music and their audience. They created joy and faith wherever they appeared that weekend."

- Andy Rush, founder and director, Community in Song, and director,
Blue Skies Festival Choir, Belleville

"Real performers - four women, four voices, with a show ranging from the the quietly introspective to the playfully erotic. I liked them."

- Dean Verger, owner, Rasputin's Café, Ottawa

"Winnipeg Folk Festival-goers sat basking in the light as they listened to the harmonious sounds of the exquisite four-woman vocal group Malaika... Malaika set the crowd alight with its impressive mix of harmonies and solo turns. Singing songs of protest and spirituality from around the world, they were called back for the evening's first encore."

- John Kendle, The Winnipeg Sun, July 12/96

"Malaika ripped the roof off the joint at the recent Panny Lang launch with a spirited set of gospel, traditional African songs sung in Swahili and Xhosa, and original material, all of which swung mightily."

Mary Lamey, The Gazette, Montreal, June 15/96

"In Swahili, Malaika means "angel", but when you listen to these four heavenly voices, you'll figure that out on your own. Singing in Swahili, French, or English, this four-woman a cappella group from Ottawa is phenomenonally good."

- Carl Witchel, Hour, Montreal, May 30/96

"They have a very full sound and are much more approachable than Zap Mama, and more fun than Sweet Honey."

- Paul Sinasohn, CASA Arrangement Librairian, Oakland,CA

"I should be asking you for your autograph!"

- Peter Jennings, Good Morning America, ABC TV

"These wonderful women can sing in more languages than a U.N. Translator and in more styles than a karaoke machine. Not to be missed!

- Deke Sharon, President and Founder, Contempory A Cappella Society















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