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Lee Hayes is an award winning songwriter and a gifted solo performer. She grew up in Ottawa, Canada, a member of an eccentric and creative family. Her mother Anne is a painter; daughter Charlotte is a dancer; cousin Lesley and aunt Bonnie are singer/songwriters, and her grandmother Marion played honky-tonk piano in a band during the depression!

An eclectic writer, Lee provides a large amount of material for the group. Her showtune ‘In Vienna’ (a song Lee calls “the missing number from the Sound of Music”) received national attention on CBC radio and caught the interest of singer/songwriter Elizabeth Von Trapp, grand-daughter of Maria and Captain Von Trapp. Ms. Von Trapp came to Ottawa in November 1997 and performed this song in concert with the group!

Other favorites by Lee include ‘Milo’, a hillbilly rendition of her ode to a beloved cat (this was a big hit in the UK, thanks to all the cat lovers there), and ‘Come Home Someday’, a fantasy song about coming home to a clean house. Lee’s passionate writing made her a winner of the 1995 “Songs From The Heart” songwriting contest, sponsored by SOCAN and the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals. Lee’s forte is her ability to write great hooks and poignant, believable lyrics. Her song ‘When A Woman’ is featured in a documentary of Malaika, called ‘Angel’, by film-maker Tracy Bacenas. ‘ When A Woman’ has been added to the repertoires of several women’s choirs around the world.

Lee’s first solo CD, ‘The CBC Sessions’, was sponsored by CBC Radio and recorded in one day, a live-off-the-floor accoustic production. Lee will begin production on a second solo CD in June, 2000, with producer James Stephens.

Lee's musical influences include Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Tori Amos, and Sting, as well as many artists she has had the good fortune to meet and work with on the road.

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