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Take a GenXer who grew up on the English Invasion and very early Bruce Cockburn, give her a sultry, jazz-tinged alto voice and teach her to play a solid rhythm guitar. She'll write songs about the wholesome life in a rural Ontario setting, the salty ugliness of hookers and Johns on Ottawa streets, and of course, passionate and worldly musings on relationships.

Born in Halifax into a large musical family, Christine began writing in highschool. She became hooked on creating songs every time the urgency of undergraduate exams loomed as she studied at UBC. It wasn’t until she settled into Ottawa’s songwriting subculture that Christine decided to take her music more seriously. She released her first album, piece by piece, produced by Ian Lefeuvre in 1995, then Facing Me, produced by Ross Murray, in 1998. Both albums have charted heavily on campus radio stations across Canada and gained regular airplay on local and national CBC radio. As she toured the west then east coasts of Canada, Christine's audience became as serious as she.

Live shows feature a natural stage presence and capture her edgy, eclectic sound. Christine has performed at the Ottawa Folk Festival, Acoustic Waves and other Ontario folk music series. She has taught songwriting workshops and she has two voice students in Ottawa. Now a new world of a capella singing with some old friends is bound to influence Christine's next stage as a Canadian indie singer-songwriter. Enjoy!

" Graves packs a pulpy punch."

COAST, Halifax,NS, October 1999

"...introspective lyrics and beautifully textured melodies..."

CAPITAL CITY, Ottawa ON, November, 1998

"Graves' voice has character and an honest delivery..."

ARTHUR, Peterborough ON, February 1999


piece by piece, 1995, Independent

Home on the Mississippi, 1995- Compilation Fundraiser

Facing Me, 1998, Independent

Resurfacing, 1998-Compilation Fundraiser

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